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Pinnacle Auditors are highly trained  to conduct effective and efficient  internal and external audits.

Pinnacle Auditors are independent of your business therefore can provide a true and accurate picture of compliance that is unbiased by internal relationships and office politics.

Pinnacle Management Systems takes a positive approach to auditing and we engage and collaborate with your staff during the internal audit to ensure the experience is positive, and conducive to identify improvements whilst maintaining the integrity of the audit process.

We have a wide range of industry experience and can assist you with audits on all your management systems including:

  • Food Safety
  • Environment
  • Quality
  • Work Health and Safety

Auditor Profile

Auditor, Consultant, Trainer

Nicole Inwood

 Nicole has been consulting for over 10 years and is a qualified certifying auditor registered with RABQSA, conducting certification audits for SAI Global and BSI in a large range of industry sectors such as food safety, environment, quality and work health and safety for over 12 years. 

Nicole is passionate about management systems but does not have the boring or dull auditor attributes typical of her field and she can share her broad range of consulting experience in a vibrant and inspiring manner.

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